Cultural show with dinner and fantastic Russian nature views displayed on the background

"Amazing Russia" – is a fascinating musical journey across Russia, where each region is presented in the form of presentations of the best national teams, with use of the amazing folk costumes, ancient musical instruments. Also, at the same time with a concert a film about the region is showed on the big screen with the most beautiful and unusual sights and views of nature. Unique performances, virtuoso dancers, the best national singers clearly reveal the culture and identity of different nations of Russia, and the variety and beauty of Russian nature - from the Arctic tundra to hot semi-deserts and steppes, a great variety of flora and fauna found only in Russia, a huge number of historical monuments , architectural masterpieces, interesting nature reserves will leave a lasting impression of our country. 

The dinner menu introduces foreign visitors with the peculiarities of different national cuisines of Russia, but it is picked up in view of the different preferences and restrictions in food of guests from all over the globe.

 Now is the time for foreign tourists get acquainted not only with the bears, but also see the Russian tigers and leopards, to listen not only to the world-famous balalaika, but know that there are many other ancient musical instruments native nations of Russia, to hear the unique Siberian throat singing, listening to soulful songs of the Volga or warlike Cossacks songs, meet Caucasian dance and swirl in a quadrille with a Russian beauty.

During one evening, the visitors of the show "Amazing Russia" in the entertainment and fun way will see and feel how unusual and big is Russia, how many ethnic groups with an ancient and wonderful culture and traditions live here, how unusual and enchanting is Russian nature, try the cuisine of native peoples.

Sparkling fun, delicious and unusual food, gifts, pleasant and friendly atmosphere - are bright impressions and fond memories of Russia, which foreign guests certainly keep for a lifetime.