Main menu

The main menu on the show "Amazing Russia" is a kaleidoscope of popular traditional dishes of indigenous peoples of Russia. You can taste the salmon rolls with red caviar, salad, ossetian pies, grilled meat and of course, excellent drinks in unlimited quantity.

Original menu

This menu is created based on the preferences of tourists from China - it includes Russian cuisine dishes which these tourists are most fond of. It turned out an excellent menu.

Vegetarian menu

If you stick to a vegetarian diet, this menu is especially for you! There are many delicious and unusual dishes ideal for vegetarians in the kitchen of the peoples of Russia

Halal menu (can be ordered at least 3 days in advance)

Special halal menu is prepared in strict compliance with Halal rules by chefs-Muslims.

Each menu includes Russian dessert: tea with chocolate or gigngerbread.

Also drinks prepared in accordance with the domestic Russian recipes are offered. In all menus except Halal menu, unlimited alcohol is provided.